Smerz girls' new track "No harm" out now

Copenhagen based duo to take you to the dark corners of the club

Copenhagen based duo Smerz take you to the dark corners of the club in the video for new track "No harm". As premiered on their new NTS show, Catharina and Henriette’s new track showcases a darker side to their musical palate, a feeling echoed in their visuals. The video was produced and directed by Smerz, and as with all Smerz music, the track was produced, programmed and sung entirely by the Norwegian duo.

Smerz girls just launched their rockets; ahead of the release, they played sold out shows in Denmark and they were on the cover of Danish Politken newspaper’s cultural supplement. Furthermore they started their monthly NTS residency radio show.

The duo used their first hour-long NTS mix to play everything from minimalist R&B to deconstructed club music and full on techno floor-fillers, introducing listeners to their eclectic palate and wide range of influences. It’s a display they are bringing to various European cities this winter with their series of ‘Half life’ parties, which started in Copenhagen with a sold out show and after-party on Saturday.



Smerz - unreleased

Minais B - Real Life, Real Time

Smerz - No harm

Jay Boogie - Don’t Ever Be Fooled Intro (feat. Cookie Tookie)

Yves Tumor - Psalm

No Dreams - Who Am I?

Mhysa - Spectrum

Hitoshi Kojima - In Meditation

Galaxian - Daisy Cutter

Pessimist - Spirals

Abra - Sick Girl

Isabella - Dying and Denying

Astrid Sonne - A modular body

Erosion Flow - unreleased

Astrid Sonne - Overexisting

Evitceles - June

Celle B - Tiger

Antenes - Fire Rises

Sissel Wincent - Subsidize

Code Walk - unreleased

Peder Mannerfelt - Equality Now

Astrid Sonne - Real

Galaxian - Days of Rage

Manni Dee - London Isn’t England (feat. Ewa Justka)

Shit and Shine - The Crocodile


The third track "Half Life" will be premiered on their next NTS show on Thursday 19th October with release the following day Friday October 20th.


"Have fun" EP release date will be December 1 (digital) and for the US a December 8 physical release.

No harm - lyrics

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No harm - press release

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